About the project

Prime-115  is a conceptual new type of Mars exploration flying platform based on a quadcopter. The main idea was to find a possible configuration of aerodynamic and mechanical solution that will work in low viscosity atmosphere, have enough ascensional power to fly and lift a bunch of scientific equipment and be as compact as possible to be delivered.

The first idea was formed, tested and announced on NASA Space Application Challenge Kiev.

The later concept was redesigned at Spacer Hackathon and adopted for current Mars missions’ needs:

  • Aerial Photography (optical, spectral, thermal, etc.)\n- Atmosphere and particles research
  • Geological research
  • Autonomous surface probes placement
  • Searching and analysis of lost equipment

Now we are continuing to work on the project. We are documenting results we already have, testing new aspects of design, calculations and usage purposes. In that case, and counting that the project is non-profit we are searching for any type of help, expertise or resources for reaching our next goals:

  • Build full-size propeller for aerodynamic tests
  • Build sized model with all mechanical and electronic parts for flight tests and  demonstration

How I can participate

We’re searching for any type of technical expertise and consulting about aerodynamics, materials and electronics systems. So it would be great if you are able to help us with tests, modeling and calculations, equipment or with parts’ manufacturing.

Otherwise, if you are a student or just an enthusiast who wants to contribute to the project and if you have some skills that fit into the project – you are welcome to participate.

Contact Us to participate.

Team members

Roman Melnyk 

Pavlo Nikitiuk  

Alexander Gor

Julia Yankovskaya 

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