Ball Aerospace COSMOS

About the project

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and receive data from one or more embedded systems referred to as “targets”. Out of the box, functionality includes: Telemetry Display, Telemetry Graphing, Operational and Test Scripting, Command Sending, Logging, Log File Playback, Table Management, and more.

You can use it to test about everything and COSMOS is great for automating any system of embedded systems. It can provide a fully featured user interface to any piece of hardware that provides an electronic way of communicating with it (TCP/IP, UDP, Serial, etc). Potential uses range from testing embedded systems to home automation, to verifying cell phones, to helping you make that next great thing that changes the world! The sky is the limit…

Here is a short video about the project

How I can participate

You can contribute to COSMOS The project is placed on Github

Contributing is easy.

  1. Fork the project
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Make your changes
  4. Submit a pull request

Before any contributions can be incorporated we do require all contributors to sign a Contributor License Agreement here: Contributor License Agreement. This protects both you and them while you retain full rights to any code you write.

Useful links



Github Project Page

Contact page

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