About the project

SatNOGS is a Satellite Networked Open Ground Station. It’s a network of satellite ground stations focused on observing and receiving the signal of satellites, particularly low earth orbit (LEO) CubeSats.

SatNOGS started in mid-April 2014, during the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon in based in Athens, Greece. SatNOGS provides a scalable and modular platform to communicate with them. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are our priority and for a good reason. Hundreds of interesting projects worth of tracking and listening are happening in LEO and SatNOGS provides a robust platform for doing so. They support VHF and UHF bands for the reception with the default configuration, which is easily extendable for transmission and other bands too.

How I can help

The project could benefit a lot from your participation in its Open Source software and hardware improvements. You can help SatNOGS by contributing to the project, making it better one commit at a time.

Project repositories on GitHub

If you are willing to connect your rotator to the SatNOGS network it is recommended to have access to an ADSL or a 3G data connection, for uploading the data back to the network.

Additional links

SatNOGS Community

About the team

SatNOGS Twitter

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